We’re building a fully-equipped and safe space for children and child-carers alike.

We’ve focused on creating an environment where learning can take place through play, while still offering the structure and safety of a school environment.

We will offer a self-catering holiday farm, where we host visitors, educators, sponsors, and many other groups who support our organisation. This is a great way to support and raise funds for the Kidz Adventure Camp.

A Self-Catering Holiday Farm

  • Holiday Cottages
  • Camp Sites
  • 3 Pools
  • A Dam
  • A Bar
  • A Tuck Shop
  • Gated Community Developments
  • Boot Camp and Obstacle Course
  • Quad Bike Track and MTB Track

Adventure Camp Facilities

  • Stand-Alone Camp Site
  • Sports Grounds & Play Areas
  • Class Rooms & Workshops
  • A Dining Hall & a Kitchen
  • Full Accommodation
  • Water World & Super Tubes
  • A Conference Centre / Entertainment Hall
  • Petting Zoo / Mini Wildlife Ranch