Legal Guidelines

Please read this section and take note of our Terms & Conditions, Guidelines, and Policies.

Legal Guidelines

ONLY pay moneys via EFT or direct deposit into Kidz Adventure Camp’s bank account. Do not accept any other banking details.

Please note that we do not use “walk around lists” to raise funds, except at formal functions.
If anybody approaches you with a Kidz Adventure Camp list for fundraising, please contact us immediately.

Please always check the authenticity of donor request with these authorized personnel:
John Hamman (Founder | Director ),

Making a Donation
Donors who wish to stay anonymous should please state so with their contributions.

All donors will receive a Tax Certificate from our accountants. Section 18A PBO 9300 50561.

All information on our website and/or documents is for the sole purpose of Kidz Adventure Camp to raise funds for projects and functions. Under no circumstances may it be copied or used for self-gain and/or other 3rd party fundraising. Legal steps will be taken against any fraudulent use of our materials.

Any fundraising materials you may use must not suggest that you represent Kidz Adventure Camp, only that you are fundraising in support of us.

If you have any questions in relation to fundraising please contact us on:

Our Accountant’s Details

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