Investment Opportunity

By watching the video bellow you will clearly see how the Ice Bucket on the left is our life long struggle with replacing the bottle back into the Ice. But Once you see the Ice Bucket on the Right you will see the Difference.

Ice Bucket Buddy Video

  • On the left is our everyday struggle to place bottle back into the Ice Bucket…..
  • On the Right, my design added to same Ice Bucket and the result speaks for itself.
  • Both Left & Right 100% the same amounts of water & Ice and exact same bottle was used

Investment Layout & Information

The Investment

The Investment:

I will repay 1.5 times the invested amount within One Year.

Investment Needed: R600,000                          Repayment: R900,000

Davison will make Quarterly Payments, thus on the first estimate Payment of $58,000 roughly at current exchange rate R700,000 plus. From this investor will receive initial Investment capital of R600,000 returned and then second Payment of R300,000  at second payment received from Davison.

These calculations are done on one single product and not on all four. Should we receive more as a result of the other three products the investment can be settled earlier.

I am open to offers as far as the investment is concerned, meaning that it is slightly negotiable and I believe that both parties involved should be happy with the agreement.

Draft Contract can be edited to secure happiness for both parties involved.

To get a full grasp of everything I highly recommend that we meet in person to discuss this in a broader manner as I have done excessive research and spent countless hours following the designs that Davison was involved with.

Down Loads

For your Perusal

Email Received from Davison

From: Jason Michalski [
Sent: Friday, October 12, 2017 10:52 PM
To: John Hamman
Subject: We’re in the home stretch of getting the ICE BUCKET GENIE in front of TEXSPORT

Hi John,

Well, after several months of groundwork, we’re now ready to finish what we started.

I can remember the first time we started communicating. Our goal was to get the ICE BUCKET GENIE in front of a corporation to see if they would be interested in it. Here we are today, one more step closer to that goal!

Soon, you’ll have the personal satisfaction of seeing your idea come to life! You’ll be one of the few, who has taken action on their idea.

As promised, I have attached the paperwork that describes the method of preparing a sample, packaging and presentation materials of the ICE BUCKET GENIE.

I’ve also included a video of the development stage of our method. Development Stage Video. If possible please view this video prior to our scheduled call. The video will walk you through the same exciting method your product will be going through.

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Must Watch

Just to show how good Davison is. This Lady didn’t even invent her product but merely gave an idea to Davison.

Not Only will you get a huge return on your Investment, you will be securing the financial stability of
Kidz Adventure Camp.

A Registered Non Profit & Public Benefit Organisation