An adventure camp for childhood development.




We believe each and every vulnerable child needs a safe and fun space where they can receive educational support, develop their skills, and feel free to explore their talents.

We’ve dedicated our lives to creating the most effective holiday camps for children in need.

Our aim is to inspire and equip children to build an enjoyable and rewarding life, regardless of their ability. We help them develop confidence and independence, learn new skills, and unlock their full potential.

Let’s take this journey together.

We will be catering for:

Peak Times | Camps

  1. Orphan Children
  2. Children WithHIV / Aids | Cancer | Autism | Disabilities | Down Syndrome | Abused and more…
  3. Permanent placing (GAP Year)

Non-Peak Times | Camps

  1. Non Profit Organizations | Fundraisers
  2. Local Schools & Surrounding
  3. Sponsors | Companies | Team Building
  4. Permanent placing (GAP Year)

The Farm Venue will offer the following:

Kidz AC Facilities

  1. Stand Alone with Sports Grounds, Class Rooms, Workshops,
  2. Water World, Super Tubes, Play Areas, Kitchen & Dinning Hall
  3. Accommodation & Ablution Blocks
  4. Conference Centre | Entertainment Hall
  5. Petting Zoo | Wild Life Mini Ranch

Self-Catering Holiday Farm

  1. Cottages & Camp Sites with tuck shop, bar, dam, 3 pools and more…
  2. Gated Community Development | NEW Investment
  3. Quad Bike Track | MTB Track
  4. Boot Camp with Obstacle Coarse

We have more facilities planned for the future and extensions to the venue. This due to our continued work with other organizations and the needs they have to expand. Combining our forces and working together we will achieve more…